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 Tsubomi Photo Studio

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We are a PHOTO STUDIO in Shibuya, Tokyo. 

Our speciality is in Kimono photos. We offer antique Kimonos are not available to the average person; these include ones that range from common Kimonos to formal Kimonos (such as those worn at Balls, Events, Weddings, etc.). Our specialists work with you to create the ideal image for your shoot. Every session is aimed at creating images that far exceed your expectations.

​If you need to get "cheap" and “easy kimono experience", you can find lots of photo studios in Tokyo that offer that service. Tsubomi Photo Studio is not the same as those kinds of studios. We create your image based on your mood, body type, and your story. So please tell us what you want to do … as examples: shooting in a green park? in a traditional Japanese room (tatami floors)? recreate a fashion magazine layout? underwater? or something entirely unique.

​All of our Kimonos are antique (vintage) kimonos. They are made in the Taisho Era (1912-) ~ early Showa era (about 1940); basically the most luxurious and gorgeous eras. You can touch Japanese heritage with them ...



・Kids: ¥50,000~¥75,000

・Individual: ¥50,000~¥90,000

・Bridal: ¥85,000~¥300,000

** Prices may differ depending on your kimono and photo plans. 

All photo shoots include photo dates, 30 - 60 pictures typically via DVD. Kimono rental & dressing, as well as  hair & make up by a professional.

How to order

1. Fill out the contact form on our web site

2. We will contact you with questions for your photo shoot, such as your budget, number of people who will join the photo shoot, etc.

3. After we receive your response, we will send your photo plan (location, price, etc) as well as set up our pre-photo shoot meeting with you (to go over the details).

4. Payment is received (Pre- photo shoot).

5. We do the photo shoot, followed by photo manipulation / airbrushing, etc. Within 3 weeks you will receive your digital photo data (DVD or Data transfer service).


Already you know, we are not good at English. If you have someone who speaks Japanese well, we reccomend to come with them.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

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Let's talk.

2F, 5-8Sarugaku-cho, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 150-0033

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